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Ndiassane: A long procession accompanies Bachir Kounta to his last home


Ndiassane, January 18 (APS) – A long procession accompanied the former journalist and religious cleric Ahmed Bachir Kounta at the Ndiassane cemetery on Friday where he now resides, informs APS.

It was at the time of Takussan's call to prayer, the third Muslim prayer that a great crowd started from the great Ndiassane mosque to the cemetery for almost a kilometer.

The funeral procession escorted by the gendarmerie, arrived at the mosque for the 14-hour blows, at the time the imam was preparing to start his Friday prayer sermon.

Several personalities and the media, including executives of the Broadcasting of Senegalesa (RTS), were present. State Minister Ousmane Ngom, the intimate friend of the deceased, was in place since morning.

He joined after burial, for a government delegation led by Minister of Health and Social Action, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr. He was accompanied by his colleagues in the communication, Abdoulaye Baldé, Transport, Abdou Ndéné Sall, the vice president of the National Assembly, Abdou Mbow.

The deconcentrated administration was represented by the governor, Amadou Sy and the prefect of Tivaouane, Makane Mbengue.

"It is a national heritage that Senegal has lost," said Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, who, Bachir Kounta until the last moments of his life, worked for the country

He praised the memory of a peace loving man and a "prominent negotiator" who had the confidence of the Head of State and the First Lady. The latter had recently been entrusted with raising awareness in the Rahma project for the benefit of the elderly.

Regarding the head of state, he wanted his speeches to be translated into Wolof by Bachir Kounta, said Bécaye Mbaye, host of national television.

Mbaye underlined the accession of the deceased to the RTS that he still used, 27 years after his retirement.

"This is our half that was buried before," said Ousmane Ngom.

He praised the qualities of a "multidimensional" man who was instilled through his interventions, religious values, patriotism, as well as the domination of the Wolof language.

On Wednesday, his funeral is scheduled for Sunday and will be accompanied by those of his mother-in-law who left last week, said Sidil Makhtar, on behalf of his family.

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