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Newspaper of the Belgian press of January 18


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Below are the main news of the Belgian newspapers published on Friday:


It will no longer be possible to introduce 5G technology in Belgium in 2019. The dossier has been retarded in relative silence. 5G is the technology of the fifth generation mobile network, designed to meet significant data growth. Economic Trends magazine said on Thursday that bands of auction frequencies would be postponed until 2020 and the file probably commissions the next federal government without agreeing to the next consultation committee on February 6. Frequency bands must be auctioned to disseminate the spectrum among mobile operators, which are expected to provide 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies to end-users.

GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN (The Bulletin of Antwerp)

Participation in the second edition of Climate Walk exceeded expectations. After the 3,000 school children in the past year, 12,500 young people went to Brussels. The Youth for Climate organizers have a demand on Belgian politicians and their future: they want a binding climate plan that states that the ambition is to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees. Students were also mobilized in Antwerp. There has been a concentration in the morning at Groenplaats. Counselor of Anvers Tom Meeuws (Environment) and Jinnih Beels (Education) had planned to discuss with young activists.

HET NIEUWSBLAD (The New Gazette)

More than 8,000 Belgians earn unencumbered income. Six months after the introduction of the new "more" status, more than 8,000 people use the system to obtain up to 6,000 euros annually without taxes, according to data from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Maggie De Bloqueja (Open VLD) . The new system is especially popular in the sports sector. Many people, for example, help or work in the sports club activities. Other popular activities from one citizen to another are small cleaning and assistance activities for those who need attention.

STANDARD (Standard)

There is a certain perfume of clientelism. Not only did he leave the opposition, but the current Minister of Asylum and Migration, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), was hard with his predecessor, Theo Francken (N-VA) l & # 39; 39; last year. , granted humanitarian visas to two hundred Asian Christians, appointed by another member of the party, Melikan Kucam, Councilor of Mechelen, who was arrested on Tuesday a few hours before the issuance of the "Pano" VRT program in what the witnesses accused the communal councilor of having erected humanitarian visa traffic. He would have asked, through intermediaries, between 2 000 and 10 000 euros for people fleeing conflict zones such as Syria or Iraq in return. Kucam would have benefited from the important role that he has enjoyed in the Asiatic community in and around Mechelen, and the N-VA has suspended the elected representative.


The nuclear operator Engie Electrabel fears that having to do without three reactors next winter (2019-2020), according to a letter dated January 11. "We can not exclude that the simultaneous stops of Tihange 1, Doel 1 and Doel 2 can be extended and / or postponed beyond the year 2019 and extended until 2020," writes the general director of # 39; Electrabel Philippe Van Finds in this letter addressed to the Minister of Energy, Marie-Christine Marghem (MR). The minister can establish a strategic reserve to compensate for these potential nuclear absences. But just make the decision not to take any winter reservation from 2019-2020.

DH: The Last Hour

By a judgment of January 9, 2019, the Court of First Instance of Brussels has just declared to the Belgian State responsible for the overcrowding of prisons in the prisons of Forest and Saint-Gilles and the va Condemned to solve this situation in 6 months, under penalty of penalty. This statement follows a lawsuit by, who introduced several actions of this type. For decades, regrets, "The persistent indecent conditions of detention in Brussels have been systematically denounced by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT), the # 39 ; International Observatory for prisons (OiP) and the monitoring commissions of the prisons of Forest then of Saint-Gilles without taking the necessary measures to solve this intolerable situation. " final

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