Wednesday , August 4 2021

Objective Rest of the world: Julien Tanti and Greg leave, Hilona in tears, Marine El Himer and Bastos in pairs … Repetition of episode 47

After a new discussion with Milla Jasmine, Greg leaves the house of Objectif Reste du Monde with Julien Tanti. After the Marseillais left, Hilona collapsed into Julien Bert’s arms. The latter apologizes for shouting during the problem game. Hilona explains that she needs time. She forgave him, but did not forget. Later, Catalonia sends a message to the candidates. While some will train in sports, others will do quads in the desert. And during this activity, Bastos and Marine El Himer kiss out of sight. Simon and Giuseppa keep arguing … It’s over!

Marine El Himer
Marine El Himer – Credit (s): W9

When it comes to sports training, candidates have to cross an obstacle course. To add some difficulty, they will have their feet together. The boy and girl who will win the training will have two advantages. And despite their argument, Milla Jasmine and Anthony Alcaraz form a team. And if the beautiful brunette was grateful for her friend’s encouragement, it doesn’t mean they’ll be a couple again. She is too disappointed. Tomorrow a big discussion will break out between Marine El Himer and Milla Jasmine. Also, know that the pretty brunette reacted to her discussion with Greg at Objectif Reste du Monde.

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