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OM overcomes Crocos / Ligue 1 / J32 / OM-Nîmes (2-1) /


After three games without a win in the league, Marseilles raised his head by winning against Nimes (2-1). At Vélodrome, OM forced the decision in the last twenty minutes, without achieving a party-ending luxury. The podium is five points.

Marseille 2-1 Nîmes

Objectives: Germain (72i) and Gustavo (73i) for the OM // Savanier (82i s.p.) by Crocos.

Everything really met for a great afternoon at the Velodrome stadium: a pretty attractive Marseille team on paper, García has slept the names of Payet and Gustavo (for the first time since February 2) in the match sheet , and a very friendly Nîmes training to watch the game this season and launched after two successive consecutive games. Once it's not usual, the coaching options have been paid. The first comeback has given a good copy, taking a decisive step towards Germain in the starting lineup, and the second has the luxury of setting his first goal of the season calmly. In spite of the victory (2-1), the OM will have managed to shake in the last minutes of the game. Incorrigible

Little pace

More beautiful words, put into action The technician struck for several weeks: the podium is still accessible to OM. In a well-assorted but not very hot place, this game was the last chance for Marseilles to offer an impressive final sprint for a Champions League ticket. But the game begins with a small rhythm, even if Balotelli tries to light the first fuse with a blow struck by Bernardoni (6).i). The only thrill brought about by the Italian striker quickly hit his thigh and forced him to leave his position behind Germain after leaving the pain behind (33).i). In front of them, the Nimes seem a little dull, less dazzling than usual, and they get in trouble through the beautiful steps of Payet, as in this perfect opening for Thauvin, that his attempt is contrary to Miguel (14).i). The Marseillais dominate their issue, but the fishes end: Radonjić is too rough in front of the goal (22)i, 25i), and Gustavo's shot from Gustavo is deflected by a defender in the area (41).i). And, oddly enough, the Blaquart band does not take advantage of spaces to launch lightning strike counterattacks, with Bouanga being the only one that puts Mandanda in a contribution. It is not really the expected program.

Great madness

Fortunately, the second act rarely looks like the first one. The crocodiles return to the grass with other intentions, accelerating the game to suffer less. The strike of Thioub is rejected by Mandanda (51i), but opportunities are not a legion. Above all, the OM does not let go, despite the opposite winds. Not always accurately in the transmissions, often to end, the Phoenicians think about opening the score twice in just over ten minutes. But the VAR gets to cool Radonjić (49i) and Thauvin (62i), both informed in an out-of-play position. The fear of repentance is there, but it does not stop perseverance and volunteer Marseilles.
Finally, everything changes in two minutes. The corner of Payet finds Germain in the first place, whose powerful head is unstoppable (1-0, 72)i), before Gustavo makes his talent speak of a love of lob at the entrance of the surface (2-0, 73)i). Winning profits. But García's team likes to be scared and the Nimes are not famous for being abdicated. Result, the OM is afraid to grant a penalty converted by Savanier (2-1, 82)i). The specter of the Angevín return, fifteen days before, moves to the air. And the Velodrome is not far from being silenced after an additional time, when Mr. Schneider designates for the first time the penal point for a Sarr hand, before changing after watching the video to report fault of the defender of Marseilles. Phew, the OM can breathe, the podium is still at hand. OM (4-2-3-1): Mandanda – Sakai, Kamara, Caleta-Car, B.Sarr – Gustavo, López – Thauvin (Njie, 78)i), Payet (Sanson, 84)i), Radonjić – Balotelli (Germain, 33)i). Coach: Rudi Garcia.

Nîmes (4-3-3): Bernardoni – Maouassa (Paquiez, 72)i), Miguel, Lybohy, Ripart – Ferri, Savanier, Bobichon (Bozok, 77)i) – Thioub, Alioui (Guillaume, 62i), Bouanga. Coach: Bernard Blaquart.

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    By Clément Gavard

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