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"Premium Days": Amazon employees are mobilized to improve their working conditions


Amazon would force a bit in the adage of "the client is king," according to multinational employees. Thousands of employees of the American giant have mobilized to report Amazon's policy of "making special offers."

A coordinated movement

On the occasion of the "first days", millions of Amazon employees in Europe and the United States have been coordinated to claim in unison an improvement in wages and working conditions.

Especially in Germany, the movement brought together more than "2000 employees" who came to denounce "Special offers on the back of the salary". "Amazon offers these discounts to customers at the expense of the salaries of their own employees and when fleeing collective bargaining," Orhan Akman, of the German trade union Verdi, regrets.

first days

This Monday, July 15, marks the beginning of two days of Amazon-wide dealership for its main subscribers. Apart from this event, which promises to be very busy by the employees of Amazon, a US employee of the multinational announced at the microphone of CNBC that "Amazon has the means to do much more for all of its employees, and we would like to see less physical and mentally tired jobs."

Unpleasant conditions

On the side of the United Kingdom, the British union of GMA reported receiving "Terrible information about the fact that employees are forced to urinate plastic bottles because they can not go to the bathroom or pregnant women who are forced to stop and some are destined for layoffs." Poor conditions that are in the name of productivity and profitability, depending on the movement.

In response to German employees who demand more collective bargaining, the American giant announced in a statement that"Amazon shows every day that one can be an honest and responsible businessman in front of his employees in Germany without a collective agreement."

In France, mobilization has only to do with the Lauwin-Planque site and brought together nearly fifteen people, a very weak movement compared to their German counterparts.

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