Saturday , October 16 2021

Roidmi Eve Plus, the robot vacuum cleaner that tracks pet hair

The Roidmi Eve Plus is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that can clean and scrub the floor. Its vacuum system has been designed to meet the specific needs of pet owners, but not only that.

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For years, intelligent, practical and useful robot vacuum cleaners have been circulating autonomously on our floors. Among the manufacturers, there is the brand Roidmi, a derivation of the famous smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. And his model hybrid Eve Plus removes dirt from pis, but also to wash the floor with water. We can say that there is nothing very new, of course, compared to the other models, but in addition to having an automatic drainage system, this Roidmi Eve Plus has more than one additional feature. He has made a specialty in removing hair and others cuttings produced by pets, or it is chats o de dogs.

And it must be said with the arrival ofdrop, is effectively a period of muda, conducive to the dispersal of animal layers. The risk, after the nasty season from pollens, is that hair allergies cats appear or get worse. Remove them automatically by going under the furniture regularly and automatically, this is precisely the mission of Roidmi Eve Plus.

Its advantage against hair and even against hair, dust and other fibers, is the combination of long brushes in the form of helices, which come to sweep the sides, and a central roller equipped with blades. rubber. It is the latter that recovers without accumulating all the dirt to clean the land. Hybrid, the device also has a water tank and a towel to wash the floors. Finally, it is equipped with a self-sterilization system to destroy bacteria, molds and mites.

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Powerful, efficient, intelligent

With a sober and classic design, with its small turret equipped with a rangefinder laser, the device is recharged at the base at the end of the cleaning operations. All files waste of his tank is aspirated by the station in a bag. Convenient to prevent the dispersion of dust and hair when emptying the tank manually in models without these systems. On the deck, there are three buttons: to return the robot to its base, start a cleanup, or stop it. It is also possible to remotely control the filevacuum cleaner via son application for smartphones (iOS, Android).

When it moves, so be it telemetry and his sensors allow your HE elaborate an accurate mapping of the piece automatically and optimize the trajectories for a complete cleaning, without losing any area. Thanks to the application, it is possible to name these rooms and even add virtual beacons so that the robot can avoid certain areas. It is also possible to program the robot for an automatic weekly cleaning task, for example, on the desired day and time.

In any case, the Roidmi Eve Plus knows how to handle obstacles and can climb above the thresholds of door if necessary. In terms of battery life, the device is durable. It can last with its own battery for several hours. It is also possible to extend this range by reducing power. In conclusion, the Roidmi Eve Plus is very complete with its many options, yours suction power and has an amazing value for money.

Article prepared in collaboration with Roidmi

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