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Season 2, more severe and restrictive

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Stay in Dakar and Thiès: season 2, more severe and restrictive

After more than two weeks of curfew, the conclusion is unanimous: the management of this restrictive measure of freedom of movement is more severe than the first.

Senegal, facing the second wave of the Crown virus, is experiencing an even more severe restriction situation for the “privileged” who have so far faced the intransigence of the administrative authorities consider their intervention.

It is the return of the curfew, in a more severe version than the first, as it is strictly controlled with limited exemption possibilities.

Travel permits, which allowed certain residents of the curfew areas to be repealed, are no longer distributed in a mess. Checks at checkpoints are more severe. You have to show a real white leg to continue on your way.

At the level of the Ministry of the Interior, we reject any exemption for people who do not carry out activities of general interest. The “first police officer in the country” has closed the door to any relaxation in favor of anyone, thus dampening the hopes of some. Once for the jet-seters, they received the support to get the famous sesame.

We recall these many breaches of the equality of citizens before the law, during the previous curfew of 2020. Senegalese, senior officials or their close relations, had special permits to move between neighborhoods and checkpoints and increase their irresponsibility, to show their “status” of privileged by posts on social media.

He tells us again that “this situation had just demoralized the defense and security forces as well as frustrating other Senegalese who had the impression that we were witnessing a confinement by categories.

A more robust season 2

If, at first, the curfew bordering Dakar and Thiès from 9pm to 5am had looked like a twin to the previous one with its share of “resistance” in certain districts of Dakar, we should recognize which has since flowed a lot of water under the bridges.

A simple walk through the streets of the Senegalese capital hints at this: it seems that this time there are no “privileged holders of false permits.” This trend is confirmed by the lack of exposure on social media of “jet-setters” who are proud and show that their package is similar.

So there’s no exception in the context of the “season 2” curfew, where the rules are clear and simple – the same for everyone.

Even if there are some possible reasons to “deviate” from it: health reasons, traveling by plane, and so on.

In Dakar, at nine in the evening, several hundred police and gendarmes mobilized to monitor their application, set up barriers and set up checkpoints. Note that the goal is, of course, to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The organization of clandestine parties during the curfew will not go unpunished. Police have also intervened for parties who do not comply with health regulations against Covid-19 and some even arrests and verbalizations have already taken place …

Author: dakaractu – Webnews

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