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Senegal: a slight decline in consumer prices

"This development is mainly due to the reduction in the prices of communication services and food and non-alcoholic beverages," explains ANSD.

The prices of communication services fell by 3.8%, following the prices of telephone communication (by 4.3%). According to the ANSD, this situation is the result of a surplus of credit bonuses during the observed period. But compared to the October 2017 level, prices fell by 8.2%.

The price of food and non-alcoholic beverages fell by 1.5% on a monthly basis. This change is mainly due to lower prices for tubers and plants (minus 16.3%), citrus fruits (minus 10.0%), pulse and oilseeds (minus 7.7%), fresh vegetables in fruits or vegetables. carrots (minus 5.6%), beef (minus 2.5%) and fish (minus 2.3%).

Improving the offer and gradual return to the markets of certain seasonal products explain this downward trend. However, year by year, the cost of the function was slightly increased by 0.2%.

As for the prices of housing, water, gas, electricity and other fuels, they fell by 0.1% in relation to a fall in routine maintenance and repair products (less than 0.6%). . At the annual level they increased by 0.6%.

The fall in the price of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics in October 2018 was 0.1%, due to fall in tobacco and narcotics prices (minus 0.1%). However, in the annual variation they increased by 7.0%.

Monthly stability was noted in terms of furniture prices, household and household items, clothing and footwear, restaurants and hotel services. Compared to the same period of 2017, they decreased by 0.1%, 0.9% and 0.1%.

Prices for transport, recreation and culture, as well as various goods and services, remained unchanged in October 2018. Over the year, 0.3%, 3.0% and 0.4% went up.

As for the cost of health services, they were accelerated by 0.5%, due to the increase in the number of traditional medicines (plus 6.8%). In the annual variation, they increased by 0.6%.

Regarding education services, the ANSD notes that in the observed period it increased by 2.3% in relation to the adjustment of enrollment and tuition from 2018 to 2019. "The largest increase is in the prices of educational services that are not defined by levels (plus 6.5%), tertiary education (plus 3.2%) and pre-school education, basic and primary (plus 2.7%) Compared to October 2017 In the same year, these prices also increased by 2.3%.

According to the ANSD, core inflation fell 0.3% on a monthly basis and 0.1% annually. Prices of local and imported products fell by 1.0% and 0.2% respectively. Compared to the previous year, prices for local products increased by 0.1%, while those for imported products were lower by 0.3%.

In the annual variation, consumer prices in Senegal rose by 0.1%. The average annual inflation rate was over 0.3%.

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