Thursday , June 30 2022

Senegal, Togo, Mali, Congo offer a new career to Dominicus Strauss-Kahn


Although it is now very discreet, Dominicus Strauss-Kahn regularly pushes the door of the African palace doors. His strategic advice and his address to a world-renowned economist, and especially the former Director General of the International Monetary Fund, are of great interest to our leaders, often in economic problems.

And Senegal is part of many African countries seeking the services of former Finance Minister Jackues Chirac. " In West Africa, Senegalese Macki Sall regularly searches for the international part of his Senegal Emergent Plan (Dogs)"Meetings of our tribunes" Tribune Afrikue. "The cooperation that followed the discussion between the head of state and former cashier of the French state in February 2017, in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning, Amadou Ba.

During this meeting with Macka Sallo, Dominikue Strauss-Kahn offered his services in connection with the Senegalese (PSE) plan. Obviously, both sides later had an agreement or agreement, so the sporadic interventions of the former head of FMI in Senegal were.

Togo, Congo, Mali …

Also in West Africa, Togo, which made a major leap to the latest Doing Business ranking, one of the top 10 countries in the world, called on French economists to modernize public account management, which is being sought by the IMF and the EU. Both Macki Sall and Faure Gnassingbe failed to inspire their Malian counterpart, Ibrahim Boubacara Keita.

Indeed, DSK is increasingly present in the Koulouba Palace, even if it is not yet under contract. Earlier, a former serious candidate for the French presidency succeeded in Congo Brazzaville. In order to avoid Fmi's claws who lent him debt, Denis Sassou-Nguesso could count on the expertise of the LDK for the negotiations that promised to be tough, in which the French economist invested heavily, putting innovative solutions on the table it would loosen the budget and offer Congo its international credibility in the diversification of production materials. And the results did not come long.

In North Africa, Tunisia was one of the first countries to believe in LDK, which, from Morocco, is also concerned with the interests of several multinational companies.

His company has an annual profit of 19.6 billion FCFA

The LDK in Morocco created a company of "legal advice and management" to ensure its reversal, after its stalemate and brakes in his political career. In essence paid in exchange for his advice on the strategy and availability of his address book, a French economist, who carries out operations from Marrakesh, sees his company, located in Casablanca Finance Citi, has released nearly 3 million euros (Cfa 19.6 billion) in annual get.


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