Tuesday , October 19 2021

Senegal: Urbasolar exports self-sufficiency in Africa


Next month 1999 in Senegal, through the branch Sococim Industries, the specialist of the cement Vicat and has a factory that sits on 14 hectares. In addition to the production of the production coins, he has asked Urbasolar to conceive a solution to replace the six electrogenic groups, currently feeding their facilities. « New planes decoured the projects of the project in discussions with Vicat. Il faut knows that, on the site of Rufisque, the ethereal peat for 30% in the co-production of cement, without talking about the ecological impact of the use of the fioul », Explains Arnaud Mine, co-founder and president of Urbasolar. Unless it was used, the largest central offshore grid trackers in Africa's self-conscription was reached.

Pilot des panneaux et programmation des tâches

Avec 250 MW was set up after its creation and a quarter of a year ago, the Urbasolar made part of the champions of the sector. Les montpelliérains savent concevoir a solution adapted to chaque demande: « I plan my own years to die quickly and fail to develop logiciels and installation outils of the installation, which is precisely what you can propose from programmations of data in function from production forecasts », Let Arnaud Mine.

Chaque jour, the trackers who owns the 2 500 photovoltaic panels of the site will analyze the meteorological and the combinations of the different foundations of the use of the optimal organization of the work, calquee on the hypothesis of solar energy production . The center will be optimized daily to fuse electricity without electricity, no batteries for storage. From what would be divided by the co-du du kilowattheure, I will cut the Emissions of Co² of 10 000 tonnes per year.

Transfer of understandings

Urbasolar has been modeling from central soils in other African industrial sites, especially in Cotonou, Burkina Faso. This connaissance du terrain will be profitable on the ambitious Rufisque project. « In Africa, new savons are climatic conditions that involve technology shutdowns, support for weathering or dustmakers. South a site is isolated, new savons, and it is worth making a valuable time transfer of savoir-faire », Souligne Arnaud Mine. It is one of the most important pieces of expertise that Vicat will be the owner of this central 7 MWc building.

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