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Series: "The house of paper": masks not to the likeness of the heirs of Dalí – News Hobbies: Television

With red dresses, Dalí's masks used by the thieves of the Casa Real de la Casa de la Moneda in Spain have become the emblem of the series "The paper house" for the international success And it is not the taste of the foundation that ensures the protection of the legacy of the famous painter. Criticizes the production team to use the image of the master without his authorization, informs "El País". "We are in the process of regulating the use of the rights of the image of Salvador Dalí", the heirs of the Spanish newspaper told the painter that he had disappeared thirty years ago.

"Anyone can wear a mustache"

For producers of "The Paper House", this accessory is just a caricature. "The mask is a drawing that reminds Salvador Dalí, but anyone can wear a mustache, although Dalí has ​​become popular," Netflix argues, which offers the first two seasons on its platform. And to increase: "This is the best marketing strategy" for the image of the painter, which is visible throughout the world.

"The paper house" was broadcast for the first time on the Antenna 3 channel in Spain between May and November 2017 before Netflix acquired the rights and added it to its catalog on December 20, 2017 around the world. Last April, the transmitter giant announced the preparation of a 3 season for this year.

Season 3 of "The paper house" during filming (The Morning)

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