Monday , January 17 2022

Sick musician Phil Collins says he’s no longer able to “hold a wand”


The singer has announced that he will be replaced by his son Nic as drummer for the Genesis group’s upcoming tour.

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Phil Collins will no longer be able to play music. The British singer, drummer of the group Genesis, hoped he could no longer “hold a wand” in an interview with the BBC on Thursday 9 September. The artist explained that he had back surgery in 2009 and 2015, operations that affected his nerves, but he also suffered from diabetes.

“It’s physically complicated, which is very frustrating because I’d love to be able to play.”, he explained, as the progressive rock group Genesis prepares to return. His son Nic will replace him on the future tour, the singer explained. The latter is scheduled for this fall in North America, according to The Guardian. The eight-time Grammy winner is best known for his songs Tonight on the air i One more night.

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