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Tesla automobile patents are accessible to everyone: automatically

Elon Musk He announced Thursday that all patents of Tesla, the manufacturer of the electric vehicle he founded, would now be in the public domain, in the name of the fight against climate change.

In a blog, the colorful billionaire promises that Tesla "will not take legal action against anyone who wants to use our technology in good faith."
A gesture out of the ordinary in a world where the slightest idea, sometimes the beginning of the draft, is patented to try to take advantage later.

"Tesla was created to accelerate the arrival of sustainable transport. If we move the way to create an attractive electric vehicle but then we would sow patents, we act against our main objective," says Musk. The head of Tesla says he is cautious about patents, it's only good "to slow progress, to allow giant companies to camp in their positions and enrich the lawyers."

The group has presented patents after the creation of Tesla, fearing that automobile giants copy their technology and rely on their large production chains and sales and promotional networks to crush Tesla. "There is nothing beyond reality," said Musk, electric cars or other "clean" vehicles, which represented "on average, much less than 1% of total sales."

For him, it is impossible for Tesla to "build electric cars fast enough to respond to the carbon crisis" and real competition "is the huge flow of gas cars that leave factories around the world every day."

Musk emphasizes that it is not about patents that protect a company from the competition, but its ability to attract "the best engineers in the world." Tesla, who announced mixed results on Wednesday, saw that its title remained very low in electronic transactions after the closure of Wall Street after the spectacular announcement of its founder. (AFP / NXP)

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