Tuesday , October 19 2021

The accused Chris Brown of rape gives a moving testimony


This is the double punishment for those who accuse Chris Brown of having violated: since their complaint was made known in the open, she received threats.

Karima (the name has been changed) has filed a complaint against rapper Chris Brown, as well as two members of his follow-up, for violation. Since the case was released in the press, the identity of the girl was discovered by some, and she lives a nightmare. She agreed to testify The Parisian and Europe 1, to defend themselves against their detractors.

What happened that night?

According to Karima, she is a waiter who knows who offered to spend the night with Chris Brown and her entourage. The appointment is given to the lobby of the Mandarin, the hotel where it was. Everyone goes to a disco and, on departure, the girl plans to go home, feeling alone. He still accompanies the troupe to the palace, and this is where things have fallen. "The mood swallowed rapidly, there was cannabis smoke everywhere. […] And everyone was taking cocaine. Chris Brown, especially, who started talking on his own, and walking nervously at the suite, back and forth to the terrace. I decided to leave, go to the bathroom before ", remember

It is at this moment that the facts accused by the singer have been unfolded: "He took me violently by the arm, my right arm, on which I had bruises, as the police found, pushed me into a dressing room and violated me. I wanted to flee, but I did not have the phone, they were confiscated, except that they were no longer. I asked the bodyguard to return. They were in your room, we went down to the sixth floor and there it started again, as well as with another relative of Chris Brown, again to the sixth hall ".

The young woman allegedly received threats

"I did not want for anything in the world [que ma plainte] be made public But since I made this step, it does not stop. I'm dragged into the mud on social networks. There is even a photo of me, taken by the police during my hearing, circulating through social networks, with insults. One of the members of the committee [de Chris Brown] I sent it on Monday afternoon "says the young woman, she collapsed, adding she receives threats. According to her, a French woman who knows that the singer explained that she would find herself "to the m …", asking if he wanted to "an agreement".

this "Disposition"Karima refused. "If I have complained, it's not for money, what I want is justice and the horror of what I have suffered does not happen to any other girl. They have the power, they behave as if they could do whatever they want to the young girls "she says. Ever since it was released its demand, there have been many rumors about her, like escorting, that she strongly denies: "It is totally wrong, this world, this drug, these people, is not my world". As for those who say he does for money, he says, "Never In no time. I want justice As you can imagine, when you see the difficulty that I had to push the door of the police station. " "Exhausted morally and physically," he also calls: "I do not want anyone what happened. It's a horrible thing, my life has changed in a second division, I need support, and I am listening, that many women defend, because I am sure there are many women who are in the same situation but not daring to speak. "

Chris Brown wants to file a complaint against her

On Tuesday, Chris Brown left without custody, where he spent two days. While the investigation continues, the singer, who has already been convicted of domestic violence in Rihanna, his former colleague, is not pursuing for now. On Thursday, January 24, the French procurador of the singer announced that her client had filed a complaint against Karima "defamatory denunciation". "Chris Brown says he has not had any sexual relationship, whether he has consented, with the complainant and the investigation of this complaint will allow us to know more about this accuser and his environment"said Raphaël Chiche at the Reuters news agency.

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