Saturday , April 17 2021

the financial pit Kostas Mitroglou

When he arrived in Marseille to take control of the OM, American businessman Frank McCourt said he wanted to invest 200 million euros to strengthen the work of Marseilles. And among the main objectives of the Olympic leadership, the recruitment of a great striker was designated as the priority of the transfer window. Unfortunately, for OM, this file turned out to be a real break. OM has tried a lot (Giroud, Balotelli, who finally joined Canebière this winter, among others), but in vain.

A complicated situation that led to the Eyraud team to realize what specialists on the market called for buy panicIt is a last-minute purchase to avoid the worst. This happened with Kostas Mitroglou. Recruited during the last hours of the summer of the 2017 market, Greek landed on OM with a reputation as a warrior and its 36 goals in 60 games. The NOS League with Benfica was an honorable record. In the end, Hit Mitroglou was a real sports and financial fiasco.

A goal of almost one million euros

On the pitch, the Greek attacker scored only 12 goals in League 1 with OM in a year and a half. More than a low yield. This season, things have deteriorated. Silent under the shirt from October 7, the Greek showed a lack of complete motivation, especially during the warm up before the game. A finding that pushed Rudi García to say goodbye sometimes or leave him to the bank (with Valère Germain), even to align an initial alignment without a real scorer. An ordeal that finally ended his loan to Galatasaray. A loan of one and a half year.

Buyed 15 million euros, Mitroglou would have been a financial failure. In total, the latter scored 16 goals with Marseille, all competitions. Each achievement cost almost one million euros. It is expensive, without having an annual salary of € 2.6 million (more than € 3 gross). The seventh club wage grid. Loan until June 2020, Mitroglou will return at the dawn of his last year of contract. Needless to say, if Galatasaray does not do so, a sale must be negotiated as soon as possible. And there, we should not forget to pay 50% of the resale amount in Benfica. But before thinking about it, OM can already say that Galatasaray is in charge of all the "Mitro" salary at that time.

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