Tuesday , October 19 2021

The Gatwick airport tested a robot to bring the voices


The Gatwick airport examines a fleet of robot voittiers pour faire entrer a set of additional voices au sein du même parking et réduire le stress des voyageurs. The pilot project lasts three times. I said that I had a real leap during a period of strong affluence that allowed us to see the efficacy of the robot.

Customers get rid of the robot in advance. They arrive after a simple appui sur le smartphone. Stan Glisse has a similar ramp on a chariot élévateur sous le châssis cell. Grâce à un GPS of military quality, transporting the voitures to a secured zone. Ensuite, evaluate the taille et la forme du véhicule, in order to give you the most efficacious possible.

Commit the utility of doors in case you have no need, I will take care of the minimum possible space. Pour éviter les erreurs, les réservations sont liées au numéro de vol. Passengers will soon recover your new car on security.

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From similar trips to the airports of Paris, Lyon and Düsseldorf. Même si el robot n'y ensures that you play a voiturier, Stéphane Evanno, co-founder of Stanley Robotics, souligne that Stan is «Plus than a simple voiturier. » After that, le feed-back is positive vraiment. Ils ont I went to a 5-month test at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle in 2018. Numerous passers ignoring the existence of the robot, the place where he was excited for the efficacy of the system.

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