Saturday , August 13 2022

the government transmits its text to the Assembly


Digital giants will have to go to the French state fund later this year. On Monday afternoon, the National Assembly voted in first reading, the application of a new tax that should put France at the head of the fight against tax injustice. If 4 Members voted against and 5 people abstained, it would have been enough for 55 votes to validate the text that corresponded to Bercy's great bill. A decision that feeds the wrath of Washington from Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft.

It must be said that in recent weeks, Bruno Le Maire decided to address some of the concerns expressed by the French. With the feeling of those who believe that they greatly contribute to the benefits of large companies on the network, the executive has chosen to tighten the rules. Members seem inclined to validate the bill as a whole before continuing their parliamentary career in the Senate. An encouraging sign in the opinion of the Minister of Economy that seems convinced that many countries of the European Union will not stop following the French steps.

The opposition underlines a symbolic approach

As rare as it is, it should be noted that the Gafam tax principle has been subject to relative consensus within the political class. Along with the opposition, some voices have, however, formulated some floors in a device that they consider to be purely "symbolic". The left-wing deputies, including rebels and Communists, had expected, in fact, to extend the scope of the measure to increase its performance.

It is unreasonable to settle for "whores" according to the opinion of some, while through the yellow dressing call, the French have clearly posted their claims regarding the restoration of # 39; a good dose of "justice" imposed. "Republicans are afraid that the implementation of this tax could affect the health of French companies implanted in the digital, or even affect the consumer at last.

400 million euros this year

In detail, the tax should affect the digital activities that have produced a value in the consumption of French Internet users, with viewers companies that invoice more than 750 million euros to their digital services for everything the world, including 25 million minimum shots in France. Next, 3% will be taxed on the results of the sale of data, the publicity and the connection of Internet users.

So, there are thirty large companies that will be requested by the new device. In addition to giants well known to the general public, there is also Meetic, Airbnb, Instagram, or French Criteo. Companies that It will bring 400 million euros to France this year, then 650 million each year between 2020 and 2022. The organization Attac estimates that with 64% of the Gafa income made outside the web, the tax will be insufficient.

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