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The opportunity of Paredes is also that of the PSG – Ligue 1 2018-2019 – Football

Leandro Paredes is the lucky winner. The result of a long and endless search that saw the PSG multiply the clues to strengthen a gap between frankly has not been in the last two seasons, and even more since last summer. In the long list as the arm of the names that have been announced, this Argentine 24-year-old was undoubtedly the most ronquing. But it was available, at the right time and at an acceptable price for a club forced to count their expenses in relation to the financial fair. That is it. But this is not all.

If the long search of the PSG has given birth to a phenomenon, it is the difficulty of finding a player for a role as particular as that of the sentry. Publication specialists are not numerous. Most are converted. Elements that were part of a different record and were in the face of defense by necessity. What Adrien Rabiot did not want. What Paredes accepted upon his arrival in Europe. The Argentine was the creator of the game in Boca Juniors. He moved somewhat to the Atlantic, specifically during his visit to Empoli.

More than Pirlo that Kanté

It is an atypical profile. It is not really expected in Paris. The election of the Parisian leaders could have been a true recovery specialist. It was the tendency when N ° Golo Kanté made its priority goal last summer. And again when the name of Idrissa Gueye broke in the early hours of the winter market. Argentine has a lot to do with the two names mentioned above. It offers totally different qualities. In relative terms, his style of play is more similar to Andrea Pirlo.

Leandro Paredes with Argentina's shirt

Leandro Paredes with Argentina's shirtGetty Images

Italian also had been forced to renounce his starting position to become a defensive midfielder. Without losing equally valuable qualities for this new role. Walls also knew how to make them fruitful. It will not shine due to its race volume or ability to besiege the opponent, because of their physical impact or willingness to go to the duels. But it has a quite remarkable quality of passage. You know how to change your transmissions with sight and accuracy. It has the ability to break the missing lines from the PSG since the withdrawal of Thiago Motta.

A connection that has to be established with Mbappé

This is the main interest of your recruitment. Paredes does not end up filling a gap in an area of ​​the field where Thomas Tuchel has had many more frequencies, basically with Marquinhos, since the beginning of the season. Especially offers an additional weapon to this PSG. Because there are sacred recipients to exploit this release pad. Thomas Meunier or Dani Alves, who, of course, have to recover their defensive position with the arrival of the Argentine midfielder. Edinson Cavani, of course. But above all, Kylian Mbappé.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian MbappeGetty Images

If a connection promises to be formidable, it will undoubtedly connect the Argentine and the French. Highlights enjoys especially playing long-term balloons in depth. He showed Zenit extreme precision in these game phases and the ability to find areas that are very dangerous for the defense of the opponent. With the speed and quality of Mbappé calls, sometimes underused against blogs, it's very true in Ligue 1, this combination of qualities can allow PSG to have an additional offensive weapon. And formidable.

The question of the level of play

The recruitment of Paredes offers other advantages. Some flexibility for Thomas Tuchel, among others. The Argentine can evolve towards a sentry in a 4-3-3 or in a pair of recuperators in a medium with two elements with the same efficiency. A complicity with Marco Verratti also seems quite obvious. Both players should coexist very logically at the center of the field, as they seem to have atoms glued to the game. Italian will find this technical relief that failed since it was found with a motta orphan.

However, Paredes is not Motta or Pirlo. At age 24, he never knew the requirement of a club as ambitious as the PSG. His challenge in Paris will be to increase his level of play to show that he can be competitive in a competition as high as the Champions League. This is the most important challenge of his career to date. Your future will depend on your ability to overcome it successfully. The one in the capital's club too. If Paredes effectively fills the gap left in the middle of the Paris camp, he will open other prospects for the formation of Thomas Tuchel.

Leandro Paredes with the Zenit shirt

Leandro Paredes with the Zenit shirtGetty Images

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