Tuesday , September 27 2022

"the trip will not begin tomorrow"


The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, received yesterday-Monday, one of the emblematic projects of its septenary: the regional train Express (Ter) financed with 656 billion francs CFA. In spite of this grand opening with great advantage of this so-called "ambitious" project, railroad users must be patient with their problems. In fact, Ter will not shoot "for several months", as the Head of State as well understood, outside the inaugural ceremony.

"We have passed the stage of receiving the project, and everyone is probably wishing to travel on board Ter tomorrow. But we must also comply with the safety, security and operation standards of the Ter line. Therefore, the trip will not begin Tomorrow, it can only be done when the signal is given by the company that exploits the Ter. So, we did this preparation phase that will allow you to do all the trials of the three (3) spring trains (dynamic, safety tests and security), but also that all the walls are made and all the sealing is safe, "the president of the Republic served under the dark eyes of the public as arguments.

Inauguration or advertisement?

Arrived at the Dakar train station, around the traces of 19 hours, to the applause of those in favor, members of the government, technical and financial partners, Macky attends the # 39 extension ; spectacle The "king of Mbalakh" Youssou Ndour has even offered a "free" concert to followers of Macky, in the beautiful Colobane alley, and Pape Diouf at the Dakar train station.

Many noises, many people mobilized for an infrastructure still under construction and will not be delivered before the presidency on February 24, 2019.
We are not far from the propaganda. Especially because the event was broadcast live on the national channel.

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