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Thies: Tourist players take over the new tourism micro-business incubator


Thies, November 14 (APS) – Players in tourism and related activities were impressed on Wednesday in Thiesa, a support to incubatoric micro-tourism tourism in the region, which is starting its "next week" activities to help project leaders become professional and growing.

The tourism service located in Mboura, a tourist microenterprise incubator, a component of the Micro Tourism project, is starting its activities "next week," Abdulaie Faie, a project development specialist, told AFP. tourism products within the said structure.

Mr. Faie just took part in the informative meeting of the Regional Development Committee (CRD) chaired by Thes, Assistant Governor in charge of the development of Ngona Cisse.

Fifty participants participated. Apart from tourist actors, representatives of youth associations, women, structures for promotion of employment, territorial administration, local authorities, etc. were also present.

"Tourism was run by large tour operators from abroad, and today the government wants to turn tide with local people (they) to develop related activities through small businesses," M. said. . Fei.

In this perspective, it is the question of forming these structures whose number does not exceed 10 people, so they can capture the spinoff sector.

By 2023, the micro tourism project, one of the 27 leading projects of the Senegalese Development Plan (SIE), aims to support the creation of 750 micro enterprises in tourism in the four Ziguinchor, Tambacound, Saint-Louis and Thies regions. warned Mr. Faie.

Thies is a pilot region for this project aimed at women and young people, whose ambition is ultimately creating 17,000 jobs, including 4,000 formal ones.

The cost of the project has been halted in the amount of 21 billion CFA francs, of which 1 billion has already been exempted by the state, and the rest will be made up of technical and financial partners in the impulse facility to be located at the central level.

The project refers to all activities related to tourism, from culture to crafts, among other areas.

"It's not just Thies, which is a pilot region with which we will start, but there will be Tambacound, Saint-Louis and Ziguinchor," said Abdoulaie Faie.

Incubator activities start "next week, with calls for applications," Faie says, according to which there is only a CRD that is expected to launch the project.

Application calls will be on the Internet, and project promoters will be able to withdraw or download file for filling in and submitting applications for pre-selection at the regional service.

Documents in March will be sent to the selection committee in Dakar. From there, those who will be retained will be transferred to an incubator that will take care of the company's escort in question from 6 months to 2 years, depending on whether it is new or already in the activity.

Relationship and search for financial resources, among which the company will benefit from strengthening.

Owners of "innovative" projects will benefit from tourism, thanks to this project to be implemented in the Thies region, "tourism lungs" in Senegal, said Nene Daff Camara, head of the Regional Tourism Department of the Thies and Diourbel regions.

Short-term projects can be supported in creating business plans, networked.

The Thies Incubator, as a pilot location for this project, is allocated, as well as the three others to be installed in the regions, an annual target of 30 to 40 companies to be created annually.

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