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Towards an inevitable second round

Ousmane Tanor Dieng said in 2000 that "the second round is not part of my concerns, I work to choose our candidate in the first round. The presidential camp makes the same mistake. Fauvel said that" overcompensation, Failure will be your claim. "

According to numerology, Number 5 is the symbol of freedom, change, mobility, dynamism, adventure, movement.We have five candidates for the presidential race of February 24, 2019 in Senegal. All could gather at least 52,000 signatures, or 0.8% of the electorate. There was a lot of noise before reaching five candidates. There was the imprisonment of Karim Wade, his exile in Qatar and the imprisonment of the old mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Sall. All could gather at least 52,000 signatures, or 0.8% of the electorate. After all, Macky Sall will be re-elected or will be the first president of Senegal to serve?

Dakar- They are divided into 14 regions and the diaspora is the fifteenth region for a total of 6 683 043 registered. Among these regions, Dakar has the largest electorate with 1,687,826 registered and diverse scenarios that no one can predict who can win. It is obvious that most of the great achievements were made in Dakar, which will undoubtedly help the outgoing president. The capital has always been the most hectic voter, who is not afraid of the change. The explosive rise of the young Ousmane Sonko surprised everyone, because nobody saw him coming, since no one had seen Macky Sall adversary in 2012. All those who have been recalibrated or are not eligible can win Dakar. It must be remembered that President Wade is relatively popular in Dakar. If the five candidates share the Dakar electorate and the support highlighted the opposition candidates, it is impossible for President Sall to win Dakar. The injustice sent had helped President Sall to remain second in the 2012 elections and that same sense of injustice revolutionized the Senegalese population towards the imprisonment of the former mayor of Dakar and his son of former President Wade, Karim Wade. The political error, I mean the policy, made by President Sall would have been to jail only Karim Wade in the 25 list he quoted CREI. The other political mistake made by President Sall was the imprisonment of Khalifa Sall, who did not even want to appear. The latest mistake of President Sall is the radiation of Ousmane Sonko, who returns to sleep at that time, because the president has made him very popular. The moment of "everything is allowed", which is the election campaign, will show that Dakar is very divided. Despite the great successes, there are still the same problems in Dakar as traffic jams, pollution, the problem of urban mobility, the high cost of life, violence and unemployment among other problems . Do you still think that Macky can win in Dakar?

Thies– The railway region has 901,216 registered and is also divided into Dakar. This region has always belonged to President Wade, who finally handed it to Idrissa Seck after his term of imprisonment. He is very popular in Thies, his strength. Idrissa Seck and the coalition had won the commune of Thiès during the last legislative elections. Size Sylla is there, but it does not have too much weight. We can not stop talking about Thierno Alassane Sall which has a very solid base. Ousmane Sonko was born in this region, which has the Senegalese way of voting. The presidential coalition won during the legislative elections with the first victory of Abdou Mbow in its center of Diamageune. Do not underestimate Sire Dia, because Idrissa Seck could not beat his voting center.

Diourbel– This is the most expensive region of Senegal after Dakar. It cost 460 billion francs with its electorate Ila Touba. With these 589 015 registered, this region is the black black of President Sall. This region is a bit like Dakar, it is very divided. This area had always belonged to President Wade and today most Diourbellois still looks blue. President Wade had crushed President Sall's coalition. They are fanatics of President Wade. Let's not forget Idrissa Seck who became a disciple of this city. The president has had to make some successes in this region, so that he can do better than during the legislative elections. He will also have his share of lion. Let's talk about Madicke Niang now. I have never doubted the justice of my country, and I ask God to never doubt the justice of my country. I still believe Madicke Niang's bid is intended to prevent Idrissa Seck from giving Diourbel.

St. Louis– The region of Saint-Louis with 504,867 registered is a generally neutral region. Mansour Faye undoubtedly has a weight there, but we should not forget that Cheikh Bamba Dieye is very dear. Having said that, it will be a region to take. Anyone who happens to be honest and to make reasonable promises will win that region. Undoubtedly, the president's coalition had won in this region, but it was not ahead of the opposition, which is why it is a region that can go both ways.

Kaolack– With its 425 919, this region seems to belong to President Sall, except in case of surprise. It is true that Medina Baye has shown her confidence, but unfortunately, the voting instruction has died in Senegal and Senegalese citizens are sufficiently mature to know how to vote.

Louga– This is a region that Moustapha Diop controls relatively well. This region has 414,144 registered and it will not be surprising that President Sall wins this region.

Fatick– With 322,290 registered, the opposition should not trust too much in this region, which is the strength of President Sall and Matar Ba. With the means at your disposal, it is easier to have conquered this region, although many achievements have not seen the light of day.

Matam: this region is the region that is more afraid of change. Often vote for the outgoing president. With these 273 714, it is a region that strongly believes in ethnic voting and that Farba Ngom knows his electorate well. We do not have to put all of our resources in this region that you will acquire.

Tambacounda– If the logic is followed, President Sall runs the risk of losing Tambacounda with his 251,363 registered. The presidents tend to have fewer votes during the second quarter with one exception. Tambacounda is a region that will be carried out and, cumulatively, the opposition will win this region in a natural way.

Kaffrine– Kaffrine is often a region that belongs to the governing party. With these 232,081 entries, there will be no surprise if President Sall wins Kaffrine, but Issa Sall did it well, so it is not underestimated. Ousmane Sonko, which is popular among young voters, can also change the game in this region. It is a species of a region where you have to walk seriously.

Kolda, Sedhiou and Ziguinchor– With, respectively, 229 399, 193 055 and 283 395 registered, they belong to the opposition, and particularly to Ousmane Sonko. With the help of Pierre Goudiaby, this region is almost complete. President Sall was lucky, but what Moustapha Cissé Lo said changed everything. It is also a region like Matam where ethnic voting is very present.

Kedougou– With 65,167, Kédougou is the fortress of Guirassy. It will not be possible to reverse the trend, since despite the natural wealth that exists, this region is a very poor region.

diaspora– The "fifteenth" region of Senegal that is the Diaspora with its 309,592 will be more willing to vote for the opposition. Senegal is in its history to perfection and the successes do not impress those Senegalese. They want to know an economic balance.

Social Networks– Do not forget the "sixteenth" region that is social networks. Social networks are often used by young people. If you see it, you will see on one side that there is the president's camp with the accomplishments made, which I do not think serve as a record. A balance, in my humble opinion, should be an economic balance in which we speak of jobs, the index of human development and non-profit through PPP or a budget that citizens have given. On the other hand, there is the opposition that criticizes all the successes of the president, and those who are good. So, the opposition often opposes and does not propose something more specific than what is in it.

All citizens of the age of voting are responsible for their actions. Voting is very important, it will decide your future, our future, that of our parents, our children and the great-grandchildren. We have to vote on clear bases for the future of Senegal, our beloved country. If what the president has done with regards to the successes and the direction of the country is enough for you, vote for him without hesitation. However, if he is not in the politics of the outgoing president and thinks that one of the candidates can put Senegal on the path of emergency, vote for this candidate without hesitation. Personally, I think the second round is inevitable, but a second round does not necessarily mean the defeat of the outgoing president. Mistler said that "the majority is always right, but the reason usually has the majority in the elections"

Mohamed Dia, banking consultant

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