Sunday , May 22 2022

two new players are dedicated to the success of Ronald


Thomas Meunier, the real track of Belgium, shows his disappointment after slapping against Switzerland on Sunday night. Red devils will not see the final quarter.

When questioned after a heavy defeat in Switzerland on Sunday night (5-2), Thomas Meunier, the Belgian international right-hand side of Paris Saint-Germain, does not hide his disappointment. While Red Devils will not see the final quarter, the former Brugge player is looking for explanations for such a collective route. "There are many things that they missed," he told the microphone. OEM. For the third goal, for example, we are caught with a stopped phase. We had 7 or 8 against three players. On our part, there is lack of aggressiveness. And that was the case for at least three goals from Switzerland. It was not good. However, we played well before. We take the goals into account. It was too easy for them. We did not get used to this kind of gameplay. In recent years, I have not experienced such a bad game. He missed 20% in the leader of each player. We also played against very good players. We have ourselves. It was impossible. Perhaps we should proceed further. And Belgium finished with five goals for the first time since September 2009, against Roja. Dirty evening …

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