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United Airlines exceeds the expectations of 2T despite the Boeing 737 MAX


New York (awp / afp) – The United Continental United United Airlines company announced Tuesday its results Tuesday, benefiting from a strong demand for air transportation that allowed it to increase prices to limit the The impact of the cancellations of thousands of flights due to the Boeing 737 MAX crisis.

The airline obtained a net profit of 1.05 billion euros, 54% more than the previous year, for sales of 11.4 million dollars (+ 5.8%).

The activity was driven by an increase of 2.5%, the first of the range announced in April, PRASM (revenue per passenger per seat available and per mile route), one of the indicators of return on transport air. .

United took advantage of its strategy to increase the price of airline tickets and add flights to its main centers (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.), so that the revenue of the passenger transport division goes It increased 6.1% to 10,500 million dollars, compared to a decrease in goods revenue (-6%) to 295 million dollars.

The adjusted equity benefit, referenced in North America, was $ 4.21, higher than the average of $ 4.08 expected by financial analysts.

This performance was acclaimed on Wall Street, where the stock won 0.40% in e-commerce after the close of the session.

United has also adjusted to its main annual financial objective: the company now expects a profit per share of between $ 10.50 and $ 12, versus $ 10 to $ 12 earlier. Analysts expect $ 11.33.

This optimism is likely to ensure the markets have the medium-term impact of land immobilization since the middle of March of the Boeing 737 MAX fleet after two accidents causing 346 deaths.

After canceling thousands of scheduled flights to MAX during the first quarter, United did the same in the second quarter and plans to withdraw from its flight schedule almost 8,200 between July and October.

The airline has extended until November 3 of the cancellation of all scheduled flights to the 737 MAX, but said on Tuesday it ordered 19 aircraft 737-700, the predecessor of the MAX, to limit the interruption.

The first plane will be delivered in December, told United without saying if this date suggested he did not expect MAX to return before the end of the year.

The company, which has fourteen Boeing 737 Max 9s, is the first American airline operating the 737 MAX to publish its results.

SouthWest (34 Boeing 737 MAX, the largest fleet in the world) and American Airlines (24 aircraft) is expected to report its quarterly performance over the next few days. They also canceled flights of this model until the fall.

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