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Urgent: local elections returned …


They just returned the local elections scheduled for December 1. A reference derived from a consensus between the civil society and the political parties, obtained within the framework of the political dialogue led by general Mamadou Niang.

Electoral process

For the sheikh entrance of the presidential movement, "it has decided that, in the face of everything we want to do in the electoral process, it is necessary to postpone local elections to have time to evaluate and review the entire electoral process and even all audited the election file used during the presidential elections. "

The political class

Gnak Dieurignou's leader also adds that "as all of this requires enough time to do the work normally, the whole political class and civil society have agreed that local elections will go back to the date we will choose together."

The electoral rules

"We want to review things so that there are no more misunderstandings during the elections. So everyone will be in agreement with the electoral rules and what Senegaleses have chosen can lead peacefully," said Sheikh Sarr. He also believes that "it is a consensus, we have agreed after discussions among all the actors."


The old mayor of the city of Guédiawaye gives details of the discussions that began according to him for a few days. "The non-aligned were the first to make the proposal. Then the majority, the opposition and the civil society gave their opinion on the subject. And after the discussions that we were in agreement, says.

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