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USA-Congress escorts Gafa in competition


WASHINGTON, July 17 (Reuters) – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google leaders were questioned on Tuesday by a commission from the United States House of Representatives for anti-competitive practices charges.

The Committee of Judicial Affairs of the House of Representatives, which has no authority to sanction companies, took advantage of the hearing to express their dissatisfaction with certain circumstances. practices of digital giants.

David Cicilline, president of the Democratic panel, urged an Amazon representative to respond to allegations that the site uses data that compiles independent vendors of its platform to develop and sell certain products. thus competing with these vendors.

Nate Sutton, one of Amazon's leading legal advisers, said data was only used to define the products that customers wanted to offer to the site. "The algorithms are optimized according to what customers want to buy, regardless of the provider," he said.

No questions were asked regarding investigations initiated by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the United States competition authority, about Gafa practices.

Digital giants were audited on Tuesday by various Congressional commissions. The Senate Banking Committee has been very critical with Facebook officials for their free money project Libra. (Diane Bartz, Jean Terzian for the French service)

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