Thursday , October 28 2021

VIDEO. Arras: saves a woman from suicide and receives the gold medal from the city


He only listened to his courage to save a woman in trouble, ready to launch from the fifth floor A building in Arras. A few months later, what Mohamed Said says "Auntie" is better. But for him, there is no doubt about the "heroic" act: intervening was the only thing to do.

"I came to the street and I realized that Many people were filming a lady with her legs in the air, ready to move on, remember there is I did not ask a question".

Arras: saves a woman from suicide and receives the gold medal from the city

>> Emma Vinzent and Cassandre Dumain

"We all have a guardian angel"

The situation could have turned into the drama If the young man did not stop helping this woman in difficulties. "Life is coming to a person with difficulties. We all have a guardian angel and that day, I was the lady "says the young man.

His gesture was rewarded by the City that he gave him medal of courage and dedication. A reward that is only given to the most deserving. "There are many adults that can be seen with these types of situations and may not have thought about it.says Gilles Lefort, chairman of the Committee of Medalists and Wise Men. It is normal for the city to recognize it this heroic act as a clear citizen act".

An emotionally charged acknowledgment that does not surprise the family of Mohamed Said. "He's a brave man, just like me, his father jokes. This is a son ". More than four months after his rescue, Mohamed stayed close to the woman he rescued. He continues to visit Tia regularly.

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