Monday , September 26 2022

"We are under the influence of unacceptable dictatorship"


It was a very offensive Madicka Niang meeting yesterday, Me Mama Adama Gueie as part of the platform to secure the election process. Macky Sall and his diet were targets. " I have no right to pass my fingers to the risks that we want to bring to the country. It is serious and so important that everyone endures to say no to this dictatorial regime of Mackey Sall Udara. After joining the initiative of leader Senogal Boubess, who gave up his candidacy, he believes it participates in the awakening of conscience ".

" President Mackey Sall must realize that the path to dignity is not that he wants to establish a coup by force. The honor and image of Senegal must lead him to accept "organizing transparent elections and letting Senegalese decide freely He adds. Former minister under Vadeu assures Mama Adama Guei that he and his men will not let them go. " I will be at your disposal to share all the battles so that Macki Sall does not persecute democracy. After all the successes recorded by the Senegalese democracy, we are under the control of an unacceptable dictatorial yoke "He stands up.

"Power has done everything to dry the sources of sponsorship"

The Liberal leader also stressed that sponsorship is just a "trap" for the opposition. " Mackey Sall is merciless, he must leave power. The government has done everything to dampen the sources of sponsorship, collecting ID cards of many Senegalans promising them funding. Some have allowed themselves to buy sponsorship in 20, 30 and 50 thousand CFA francs. It's unconstitutional and they want to vote before the letter Madicke Niang complains.

Speaking on his own initiative, President Senegaal Bouse suggests to all political parties to formally take the interior minister under article 48 to seek access to the voter list and see his reaction. I Mama Adama Gueie announces that on November 17 all interested parties will send their proxies to " on an inclusive and participatory path, this platform is the result of full consensus ".

Gueje also responded to some journalists asking whether he was not considered a leader of the opposition. He says: " I never had that claim ".

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