Wednesday , August 4 2021

What binds me to President Bougane GUEYE DANI (By Mohamed DIALLO) *

At the beginning of my remarks, I would like to wish all Senegalese, here and elsewhere, a happy birthday to Tabaski. May the Almighty reward all the efforts made to sacrifice in the tradition of Ibrahim and guide us on the right path.

By the grace of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), I pray to Allah to push the pandemic of covid-19, away from our borders, land, sea and air.

That said, the purpose of this contribution is to provide some, no less important, details about the nature of my relationship with President Bougane GUEYE, as well as the tasks he has entrusted to me.

A self-made man who embodies the cult of work

The nature of our relations goes far beyond the political framework.

An off-track journalist, successfully reconverted into business, President Bougane GUEYE soon fascinated me with his determination and perseverance to cultivate professionalism and excellence.

Like any good Mouride, he embodies the cult of work “ligueye jaamou Yallah.”

Thus he managed to find a chosen place in the heart of Senegalese where he encourages the spirit “Man made himself” in a country formed mainly by young people.

In addition, his ability to adapt to business very quickly allowed him to create companies that would generate many jobs.

As a simple employee, he went to an employer who is very involved in the social aspect.

Responding always present whenever necessary (floods, economic conditions, helping the poor …), President Bougane GUEYE, very early on, understood the meaning of sharing and solidarity, especially in difficult times.

A famous author named Patrick Louis Richard once said: “It is in difficult times that humans show the truth of who they really are. “

A whole multidimensional man

It must be said that I adopted the philosophy of President Bougane GUEYE very early on.

What fascinates me most about him is his unparalleled humanitarian dimension. A real man from the countryside who has traveled the most winding roads, with heat and dust, to meet the people of the most remote areas of the country.

You have to be brave to leave, for days and nights, your air-conditioned office and your family, just to listen carefully to the population that sometimes feels excluded and abandoned to itself.

The “Tiib Tank” tour is a perfect illustration of this. It is for this reason, moreover, that where the Gueum sa Bopp Movement takes place, the people have come out voluntarily and en masse to reserve a warm welcome.

Despite the success of these tours, we must regret certain incidents that we condemn with the utmost energy (the attacks of Matam and Thiès).

In addition, as we are Republicans, we have filed a complaint against X before the Matam prosecutor, so the responsibilities are located so that these facts do not go unpunished.

I persist and sign, we are political adversaries and not enemies. Senegal is a great nation that needs the combination of all the living forces to develop.

As a reminder, only the people are sovereign and the last word is theirs. Let us leave it in the hands of the latter, who will judge according to the programs and the results.

The famous writer Jean Jacques Rousseau estimated that it was necessary that “power of the people” means, not only that only the people are a legitimate source of power, but also that he is only authorized to exercise that power.

My role as chief of staff
As you probably know, the chief of staff coordinates, drives, and enhances the president’s vision by following his or her guidelines and guidelines to the letter. Therefore, it is his technical skills and especially his knowledge of the mechanisms of administrative and political decision that make him a central person in the political machine.

We have a roadmap and a program to present to Senegalese, from here and from the diaspora. People will judge the program and it is the only one that has the last word.

The appointment is made in 2024, when President Bougane GUEYE Dani will examine the palace doors.

{Say: “O Allah, Master of Absolute Authority. Give authority to whomever you want and drag authority to whomever you want; and you give power to whomever you want, and you humble to whomever you want. Good is in your hand and you are almighty}. [Coran 3: 26].

* Cabinet head of
President Bougane GUEYE

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