Tuesday , July 5 2022

A vehicle that responds to your mood PHOTO / VIDEO


Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new technology based on artificial intelligence to better understand changes in the driver's state of mind while operating the vehicle.

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover Promotion

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover Promotion

The cabin configuration will change in response to facial expressions, that is, facial expressions of the driver, with the aim of helping reduce stress by appropriate changes.

According to the investigations carried out, 74% of the respondents admitted that they felt stressed or stressed daily.

The new atmosphere detection system is nothing more than one of the many technologies that Jaguar Land Rover explores as part of its vision of a "peaceful haven", with the ultimate goal of improving the driving experience in general

This technology uses a driver-oriented camera and a biometric sensor to control and evaluate the driver's state of mind and, accordingly, adapt to many cabin functions, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, supports and ambient lighting.

The parameters change according to the driver's face, which will help to eliminate stress. The investigations carried out indicate that 74% of us feel exhausted or overloaded every day.

The mood state detection system will use the latest artificial intelligence techniques to constantly adjust to the nuances of the driver's face and automatically apply the appropriate settings. Over time, the system will learn the driver's preferences and make adjustments to the exact size of the person controlling the vehicle.

Custom settings may include changing ambient light to smooth colors if the system detects that the driver is under voltage and then selects the preferred playlist if the signs of fatigue are recognized or if the air temperature It decreases in the interior of the cabin in response to a sweep or other signs of fatigue.

The Jaguar Land Rover also tests similar technologies for rear passenger seats, with the human status detection camera mounted at the top of the seat. If the system detects signs of fatigue, it can obscure the lights, the dye, that is, the dark windows and raise the temperature of the air to facilitate the sleep of the traveler.

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover Promotion

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover Promotion

"As we move towards the future in which we expect an autonomous walk, we remain focused on the driver and his needs, as has always been the case."the doctor said Steve Aley, director of the medical department of Jaguar Land Rover, "By applying a holistic approach to each individual driver and much of what we have learned from the research progress in the last 10 or 15 years on the individual's individual well-being, we can safely say that our customers will continue to enjoy the comfortable and attractive driving in all conditions of driving, even during these long and monotonic journeys by freeways ".

The new Mood Detection System is just one of several technologies that Jaguar Land Rover explores as part of its "quiet" vision, with the ultimate goal of improving overall experience of driving.

The manufacturer is testing a wide range of options to improve the welfare of drivers and passengers. All these new technologies have been designed to create a shelter in our luxury vehicles, to ensure that passengers are as comfortable as possible, while the driver remains equally careful and prudent and, above all, continues to control "in their own hands ".

Mood Detection Software is an advanced generation of JLR's latest generation driver tracking technology. The monitor for monitoring the condition of the driver, who can detect if the driver begins to feel sleepy and if that is the case, this early warning to take a break is available on all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles

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