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Apple iOS 14.5 is making big changes to your iPhone

Your iPhone will receive a major update next week. It’s called iOS 14.5 and brings improvements to the Apple smartphone (AAPL), including controversial application transparency, which lets you choose whether apps track your web activity. I will also support the Apple AirTags support feature. New tracking devices prevent the loss of things.

The update also includes mass traffic alerts for Apple Maps, which makes it more than just Google (GoogleI GoogleMape emulator, the ability to change the default music app. With so many updates, this is one of the cycle updates iPhone’s largest medium ever OS.

This is what you can expect from iOS 14.5.

Transparency of application monitoring

Apple iOS 14.5 will include a new feature that allows you to prevent apps from tracking you on apps and websites called Application Tracking Transparency. (Image: Apple)

This will be the most obvious change. Apple Transparency Tracking Allows users to deny the app the ability to track your IDFA or identify advertisers, and is part of the Apple code that allows advertisers to understand your browsing habits to target your ads.

When you download or launch an app after installing iOS 14.5, the app’s transparency tracking will ask you if you want the app to track your web activities. If you decide to follow them, the app will see your online habits and send you targeted ads. If you don’t, you’ll see public ads.

Apple says this feature enhances consumer privacy. As Facebook analyzes this feature, it will hurt small businesses because many will choose not to follow them, making it difficult to target ads for businesses. Of course, Apple’s tracking transparency feature can also hurt Facebook’s end result, as it depends on those advertising dollars.

What do you mean by? If you turn off tracking, you’ll probably stop seeing 8,000 cooking ads after sending a dozen to your sister on her birthday.

AirTags are coming

IOS 14.5 adds AirTag support, which, when used with AirTag, will allow you to identify real-world physical objects through the FindMi app. (Image: Apple)

Apple’s new AirTag fans Next week, iOS 14.5 gives you all the features you need to use your device with your new iPhone.

AirTags helps you keep track of the real things you can’t miss. Think keys, wallet, wallet, even a TV remote control. AirTags uses two types of technology to help you track from your iPhone: Bluetooth and Ultra-Vide Band.

You know what Bluetooth really is, a technology that allows your devices to communicate with each other, but a very wide range can be new. Basically, it is a form of communication that allows for incredibly accurate tracking. Let’s talk very carefully, your iPhone will tell you in which direction you want to turn and how many feet you have on your keys. Bluetooth can’t do that. And GPS is not accurate enough.

You’ll be able to track your AirTags using your iPhone’s FindMi app, and we’ll delve into the details of what they’d like to use next week.

We vote for Siri

IOS 14.5 also makes a big difference in Siri’s voice options, introducing for the first time the voices of black Americans: women and individuals.

To change the audio-only option, you need to go to the iOS settings menu and go to Siri & Search. From here, you can choose from four American Siri voices. That’s not all. By default, Siri will also stop using the female voice, allowing you to select a digital assistant when setting up your phone.

Siri also allows users to change the default music option. Now, instead of running Apple Music on your iPhone when you ask Siri to play a song, you can listen to it via Spotify or any other app. The feature works the first time you order a song in Syria after upgrading to iOS 14.5. You will then be asked which music service you want to set up.

Unlock your phone with Face ID while wearing the holster

You will soon be able to unlock your iPhone while carrying the case. But for that you need an Apple Watch. (Image: Howley)

We wear masks for about a year and, apart from the fuzzy glasses, one of the drawbacks is that you can’t unlock the iPhone with Face ID.

Apple has added an alternative to iOS 14.5, though you’ll need an Apple Watch to use it. This feature works if you turn Apple Watch on and off. Once you have the cover and you are going to unlock your phone using Face ID, your phone will receive a clock signal that will allow you to unlock it securely.

It’s definitely useful, but you’ll also need a supplement for at least $ 199. That’s why it may not be worth it for non-Apple Watch users.

Apple Maps receives mass traffic events

Apple Maps is updated with similar Vases and Google Maps by adding traffic jams. This feature will allow users to report things like accidents, quick cheats and more using Apple Maps, so fellow drivers know what will happen in the future.

It’s definitely a useful feature that makes Apple Maps more appealing, but I’m not sure it distracts Google Maps users. Anyway, it should be fun to check it out.

Your phone should start downloading the update automatically as soon as it becomes available next week, or you can download it manually using the Settings app.

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