Friday , March 5 2021

Belgium has banned non-essential travel: 92 trips

Photo-illustration: Shutterstock / TT Studio

Photo-illustration: Shutterstock / TT Studio

The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander de Croix, announced today the ban on all “irrelevant” travel to Belgium and from Belgium in the period from January 27 to March 1.

“It should be clear that we are not building a wall around our country. Arrival and departure are still possible, but there must be a good reason,” De Cro said.

Among the “justified” reasons, the Belgian authorities include: business trips, cross-border workers, assistance to people in need, students, visits from parents to minor children and attendance at funerals.

After today’s session of the National Committee, the Belgian Prime Minister assessed that the epidemiological situation in Belgium has “stabilized”, but that “the danger has not stopped”, especially considering the new strains more contagious virus.

From Monday, all passengers from Britain, June Africa and June America will have to travel for forty to ten days, with tests on the first and seventh day.

Non-residents will have to take a double test: one on departure and one on arrival in Belgium. Belgian authorities have also made a decision today on the possible opening of hairdressing and beauty salons and other non-medical contact professions on 13 February, but on the condition that epidemiological figures continue to develop favorably. In case the sector is opened, employees will be required to wear FFP2 masks and will be tested once a week.

Guests will be required to wear at least surgical masks, but also to wait in front of the salon if sufficient physical distance cannot be provided inside.

In Belgium, the police ace is still in force, which was introduced in mid-October, and bars, restaurants, cultural and sports facilities remain closed until further notice.

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