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BRENA WAS A LITTLE SCHOOL, POZHILO JOJ OD ALKOHOLA: Two or three whiskeys were mixed and they just arrived!

Lepa Brena, Photo: Damir Dervisagic

Lepa Brena is not a person who does not like to enjoy a high dose of alcohol, but she also accidentally suffered from her excessive drinking.

Then she did not know where she was, and she was scarcely waiting to lie down, and she had a clear message for everyone who exaggerated her.

– I do not like heavy drinks. I remember that we were somewhere, they gave me whiskey and they kept on constantly. When you drink one drink, then you drink only that. It must never be confused. I was mixed with two or three whiskey. Then everything ended for an hour after that, with that story, she went to the bathroom and accepted the toilet – Lepa Brena is sincere and adds that the younger population should learn how to drink alcohol properly.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

– Young people who are faced with great temptations should learn how to drink and how much they drink. They simply recognize the tastes. It's not a question of alcohol to forget who it is and what is it? It's just this sensuality, some sort of charms when you have good food, along with a good drink, is just to discover. Or for young people when you have to spend all night, do nothing to stop and you do not have a headache tomorrow. I think that these are matters that need to be discussed, since various conversations take place at home – from religion, through sexuality, so people need to learn about alcohol. It's a life school to be taught.

And when food is in question and hedonism, in the family house of Zivojinovic, the main person in charge of cooking is actually her husband Slobodan.

Lepa Brena points out that once she tried to surprise him with a specialty, but she did not do it manually.

– I always thought I'd beat Bob with a table and a kitchen. I went a few years ago in 1987 to save him with a steak, but unfortunately burned. I had a bumblebee to see, but I honestly had things about these things. I think that men are much more hedonistic than women. Somehow, this was forbidden through history, because we are mothers, housewives and we can not move or come home after a few days. In any case, men are allowed to do it, says Lepa Brena.

Her snake, Aleksandra Zivojinovic, is in the fifth month of pregnancy, and all family members try hard to please, and Brena tells her what looks like:

– Alexander is very demanding, but we are very useful to her. We love and want to love her. It's a real hunger, it looks like the baby will be pretty strong as soon as she can eat so much.

As it is modern today, Lepa Brena reveals whether she plans to go to grandma.

"I do not have to, because I already have two grandchildren from my cousin Majda, who already have four and six years, so I succeeded." I have my children, it is the knowledge that has been acquired and I do not have to be taught, "says the singer.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

It's hard for me if a dear person gets drunk

During her career, Lepa Brena witnessed a number of unpleasant situations, and she says she does not like to see how close people are taking too much alcohol.

– What I was scared of all my life, and so it is today, when I see someone who is dear to me or whom I like to be very drunk and changed my character. Alcohol knows so much that it affects people simply forget about those normal brains that we normally live in, which, among other things, imposed on us society. Due to alcohol, it can detect an awful part of a person, so I always play for the first time with these big parties. I do not like to see drunk older people, but not young people – she is honest.

photo: Dragana Udovicic

I'd like Dark to go out

Singer Darko Lazic, who on 23 October suffered a serious traffic accident and is currently in hospital, was a part of "Grand Production" a few years ago. On that occasion, we asked Breno to comment on driving in an alcoholic state and to put his life in serious danger.

– With respect, I would like to fight for my health and my life. So, I do not want to comment much on the whole situation, "she said with tears in the eyes of Lepa Brena.

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