Sunday , March 7 2021

Fortnite’s new professional season will have a $ 20 million prize – Other – Sports

Epic Games has officially stated that the total prizes for this year’s Fortnite professional season will be $ 20 million, compared to $ 17 million last year.

Predrag Ciganovi RUR

In addition to increasing the endowment of prizes, Epic Games will take into account the requirements and suggestions of professional players and introduce changes to the existing FNCS system. From now on, users of consoles and computers will be able to compete together in the next FNCS tournaments, which means that the possibility of “multiplatform” equipment opens up.

Epic has also made changes to the dates of these tournaments: the semifinals and grand final will not be held the same weekend in the future, so players have adequate rest time and preparations.

The most important detail of the whole announcement, however, is the increase in the prize fund, which has been the subject of much controversy in recent months. Professional players have publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the Fortnite sports scene, as well as fears that the lack of awards will negatively affect players ’motivation and eventually end the scene.

Do professional players make beetles about the ego? Will an increase of 3 million satisfy them?

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