Wednesday , October 27 2021

From Samsung have come new folding smartphones with the toughest glass coating


Imagine a phone designed to be a real personal assistant for all those who do several things at once, so they need a model that increases productivity, facilitates the organization and, on the other hand, brings a lot of fun and moments of relax. Constant use of the phone carries the risk of breakage, cracking and scratching. That’s why this generation of Galaxy Z devices is characterized by an unbeatable workforce. Both devices are made of new reinforced aluminum, the strongest aluminum ever used for a Galaxy smartphone, along with the strongest Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus ™ glass to protect against scratches and accidental falls.

Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to worry if your newly unpacked phone accidentally falls out of your hands, as it will be protected from scratches. In addition, even when not folded, both devices have a new protective film of stretchable PET material on the internal screens, making the main screen 80% stronger than previous devices.

Get ready to take pictures in the rain

Samsung has introduced another innovation with these devices. That is, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3 are the first waterproof flip phones in the world. You don’t have to worry if you get caught in the fall rain, because your phone will be safe. Plus, you can take a photo or record the fall rain and post a fantastic turnout with the “Bye bye summer” post.

And is every moment to share? For some it is, for some it is not, but we certainly always want what we share with others to be a moment worth thinking about, discussing, admiring, reacting to. The photo is there to confirm the authenticity of the moment. With both devices you can create phenomenal photos and videos for amateurs as they have fantastic 12MP cameras with wide angle and wide angle options. The galleries, finally, are full of photos that clearly represent precious moments. Whether you share them or not is up to you.

photo: Samsung

Multitasking has never been so easy

What are the most important features when choosing your smartphone? Some users want their device to be durable, photography lovers enjoy the phenomenal features of the camera, while others are looking for a time-saving device.

These phones can take pictures in the rain, they are scratch resistant, but their most valuable feature is the ability to do various tasks. How many times in a short period of time or at the same time have you had to follow the online presentation, comment on it, and at the same time make your own, take notes, respond to emails?

Galaxy Z Fold3 is a real tool to perform multiple tasks at once, as it allows you to work in three applications in parallel. When we take the S Pen by hand, which is now compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold3, the illustration and presentation process requires less time. With this model, we will make a day full of obligations more organized and also provides incredible comfort when watching your favorite content, playing games and listening to music.

photo: Samsung

On the folded Galaxy Z Flip3 phone, on a 1.9-inch screen, with pleasure in its design, messages are read, music is listened to, photos are taken. When disassembled, this model offers the ability to split the screen and the user can do several things in parallel, watch the movie without interruption and at the same time read the message that has just arrived. In addition to functionality, the beauty of this model also lies in the perfectly compact design.

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