Thursday , October 28 2021

Germany – France 25:26 bronze medal at the 2019 VIDEO world cup championship


What basketball ball, what derby, what kind of drama in Herning?

The nervous boxing game ended with world champions, who took the # 26 to the 26th World Handball Championship and returned home to Bronze: Germany – France 25:26 (13: 9).

The new "loops" medal was presented by one of the best handball players of all time, Nikola Karabatić! Because our origin came to the rival network at Last seconds and took a great celebration to colleagues and amateurs.

In the repetition of the last match of the first stage of the competition, when there was a dramatic 31:31 in Berlin, we almost went back to see it again.

However, with the 1: 5 series at the beginning of the second half, the "petals" achieved four goals for the German before going on vacation and marked the beginning of the drama in which were seen nine equations, but by the tenth there was no time – In the last attack, France continued an incredible series in the main competitions and finished being the third in the last five championships of the world after four world-wide championships this time.

We are used to the "tricolor" whose goal is always to take the brightest medals, but to judge for joy at the end of the game, and the bronzes rejoice greatly!

He brought them Kentin Mae with seven goals, followed by three for Tomoti N & # 39; Guesan, Lik Abalo and Lidovik Fabregas, while the most valuable player in the end was Karabatić's shot that handball fans used at clutch moments.

He did not even "inform" the tournament because he recovered from the operation, but managed to prepare in time to help France to go to the podium.

It was the most effective among the Germans with seven goals Grape Genshajmer, while four were handed over by Paul Druks and three by Janik Kolbacher.

Thus, the Kodomic tournament was left without a medal at Herning Danes.

More information on the game on the portal of our colleagues in Banja Luka,

At the end of 17.30 we will follow the live duels of Denmark and Norway.

Mundijala final results:

Semifinals (Friday)

Denmark – France 30:38 (15:21)

Germany – Norway 25:31 (12:14)

for the seventh place (Saturday)

Spain – Egypt 36:31 (17:18)

for 5th place (Saturday)
Sweden – Croatia 34:28 (16:13)

3rd place (Sunday)

Germany – France 25:26 (13: 9)

end (sunday)

Norway – Denmark (5:30 pm, TV Arenasport)

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