Tuesday , July 5 2022

Good to the stars, but where will it be! The wife of Teodosic discovered that the club goes to Milos? (VIDEO) Telegraph


Sometimes the theater can hear answers to sports-related problems

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One of them is among fans of the Red Star, of course, where Miloš Teodosic will continue his career and will be in the rows of red and white.

Serbian actress and wife of our basketball player Jelisaveta Orasanin gave fans of the club with Little Kalemegdan indications that they wanted to hear all these days behind us.

He performed at the show of Hotel88 and, in an improvisation with his colleague, Vlado Aleksic, pointed out that Teo could really play for red and white.

– Let our actress act in hotels, it does not matter a series of dibidus! This cat met this basketball player, I do not even know what he's called, it does not matter. She had fun with him for a couple of months, went with him to Los Angeles … He walked there a little on the beach. He then became pregnant and gave birth to American citizenship. I'm not alive to find out where to go? – Aleksic asked the program.

Massa, Theova's wife was very short but clear: Good to the stars, where are they! – said Jelisaveta. Whether it's true or not, Delia deceived her replication, which quickly ended up in social networks.

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