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He received 20 years in prison for "beat"


The so-called "esclau" is one of the worst practices used by "jokers" to harass the Internet strategy, which lives online in video games.


Print illustration / screen / YouTube

Print illustration / screen / YouTube

The demon joked in 2017, when the police killed a victim of the invention.

Tyler Beris was sentenced to 20 years in prison for this false call, because the police killed an innocent player, while the police who removed the trigger broke through without penalty.

The incident occurred after Beris, after discussing with another player of the Call of Duty game, called the police for the allegation that the player killed his father and threatened to kill all his family During the request, he said the address he received from the person with whom he was in the debate, but in reality it was the direction of the third person, the victim of Andrew Finch, Play.

The US police are known to be easy to trigger, so it reacted when it reached the confused victim's address.

The person in charge of this incident, as well as a lot of other false threats against bombs and similar situations that require a rapid response from the authorities, will spend a lot of time in prison, thanks to this severe punishment of the United States court.

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