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HOW BABY: If the donor is not, we will have to import the Society cells


Aleksandra Vasić |

June 30, 2019 22:02 |

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What type of ambiguity exists with the procedure to give reproductive cells? There are problems of lack of registration and special rooms for this purpose. A frustrating and enduring process at the time of administering ovarian cells

The BANK of reproductive cells in Serbia was opened more than a month ago, but donors do not have it. The Republican Commission of Experts says that if you continue this situation, we are able to import male and female reproductive cells from the foreigner. In the "Parenting Chance" association, 50 potential donors have already asked and asked, but the problem is an unclear procedure that hinders this procedure.

The official website contains the necessary information, but it will be done to inform citizens more about the importance of giving reproductive cells and how other people can help them act according to their parents, recently told the Ministry of Health.

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According to the rule, potential donors of ovule and sperm cells can be contacted by all the institutions where the fertilization process is carried out, where they will be subjected to a series of psychological and health analyzes that will last several months. If they fulfill the conditions, they can give their cells to people who suffer from infertility. In practice, however, there are dilemmas that need to be resolved.

– It is necessary to create a record that includes all the information about the procedure carried out. These are not things that can be recorded in the notes, but it is necessary to create a file of great confidence, which does not exist at present – says "Novosti", Sandra Jovanovic of the Association "Chance for Parenting". – It is necessary to solve the dilemma of whether to regularly expect the analysis, the board or an accelerated procedure will be provided to potential donors. In addition, the donation is anonymous, so it is necessary to provide clinics with special rooms for people who leave their complete cells.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trninić Pjević, a fertility and sterility specialist and a member of the Republican expert committee for indoor fertilization, says that "Novosti" is the best when you get genetic material from our region. However, the law provides for the possibility of importing reproductive cells from other countries if there is a lack of donors.

– There is the possibility of concluding a contract with some of the foreign banks – says prof. Tirnanić Pjević. – In this case, the procedures and the analyzes will not be paid, but the pairs will have to finance the purchase of reproductive material.

Opening of the Bank of Reproduction Cells, May 2019. / Photo by K. Mihajlović

In Serbia, there are dilemmas about whether the number of donors would be greater if money was given for sperm and ovarian donations, as is the case in a large number of countries.

– In our country, reproductive cells are voluntary and are considered a human act, which helps people with a problem – says prof. dr Trninić Pjević. – Reproductive cells and embryos are not allowed and offered to obtain material benefits. This can only be modified through a regular parliamentary procedure and a change of law, which is a long-term and uncertain process.

However, it emphasizes that this procedure, especially when it comes to complete female cells, is not simple or quick for donors. Its performance ranges from 60 to 70 percent.

– The donor must perform all the analyzes and try again after six months. Receive therapy 10 days before submitting to the intervention, which is done in general anesthesia. This way your eggs are taken. In men, the process in which sperm production occurs is much easier. Trninić Pjević.

This procedure is less demanding for couples who have undergone malnutrition, since most of the necessary analyzes are identical. In this way, donors would help couples who, due to health reasons, can not get pregnant, who are old or have no partner.

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– You need to create a campaign that involves doctors. It takes time to explain to people that it is a human act, which helps people cope with the problem – says Prof. dr Trninić Pjević.


To be a donor, a man must have up to 40 years and a woman of up to 34 years. It is also important that you do not suffer from chronic illnesses, do not have a diagnosis of dementia, have not entered into homosexual relationships in the last five years and have an optimal body weight. You should check if there are viral and bacterial infections and diseases, hemophilia and other coagulation disorders, cystic fibrosis, HIV infection, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia … Donor data is they keep confidential


Due to the lack of a record, there are no exact data on how many couples in Serbia the donation of reproductive cells would be a solution.

– It is assumed that around 30 percent of couples who have a sterility problem and who receive donated cells can do pregnancy. It's about 1,500 pairs in Serbia – says prof. dr Trninić Pjević.

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