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Join in Zadar! The details of the deal have passed!


November 15, 2018

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STATION AND CRISTAL REMOVE PAKT: They meet in Co-operation! The details of the deal have passed!

Dobrojevic told the Christian to give her time to think about the proposal

Kristijan Golubović renews the pact with Stanija Dobrojević! He called the starlet from jail and suggested rejoining if he joined the Community 2. A felon will write a request for conditional freedom because he wants to join Stenya three years ago in Farma 6 to reach the final and take 50,000 euros.

Regardless of the fact that the two do not talk because a Christian forced Stanley to give him the rewards of winning the Farm 6, he was startled to contact her. Golubovic took advantage of the fact that Starlet had to quit Kuper for the operation, so he invited him and presented his proposal.

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– Stanis recovers in America after surgery and was a total shock when Kristian called her. Although they are in very bad relationships, she heard what she must say. He explained that he would write down a petition for the reduction of prison sentences and hope to cooperate with her. He suggested that he leave all the disagreements behind him and make an unforgettable show in Pinkovo ​​rialit – says "Informeri" Stanii a good friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

She explained that the old man did not know what had happened to her. She tried to stop the conversation, but since she was not indifferent to the Christian, she listened to everything he had to say.

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– Christian in his own way, in some cases, offended Stanya. He told her that the girl who hung with Vladimir Tomovic fell, that it was low and that the "fox fighting for women" would never be able to earn money for him. She advised her to return when she returned to Zero, she did not mind anyone and she would wait for her to leave the prison and enter the rally.

"When I get in, you get a higher fee," Christian promised. He is confident that, with her help, she will come to the finals and tell her that she will give half the prize to this road, "the interlocutor explained.



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