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LEAGUE NATION: The Netherlands is better than world champions, and Germany has fallen in the lower ranking football


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November 16, 2018

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Vajnaldum and Depai collapsed France, Denmark better than Wales, Slovakia easily against Ukraine

The Dutch national football team defeated France 2-0 on their field tonight in the League of Nations.

The Netherlands scored goalkeeper Georges Vainnaldo in 44 minutes, and the final result was Memphis Depai in the 95th minute penalty.

France is the first in Group A league table A with seven points, while the Netherlands is second in place. The last is Germany with only one point and it turned out that it was in league B.

Slovak footballers persuaded 4: 1 to win against Ukraine in their field, while Group B was one of the League of Nations and made a good step towards surviving in that division.

Ukraine, which previously secured a place on the ranking list, is the first in the table with nine points, while Slovakia is the second with three points, as well as the last placed Czech Republic.

The selection of Denmark was better than Wales with 2: 1 and was placed in League A.

Denmark is the first in the league table of the four B League leagues with seven points, while in Vales it is less. The choice of Ireland is the last with a single point.

Two matches were also played in the C division, both of which ended with 1-1 draw. Points were awarded by Cyprus and Bulgaria, respectively Slovenia and Norway.

In League D, footballers of Armenia were convincing against Gibraltar with 6: 2, while Macedonia beat Liechtenstein 2-0.

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