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LIVE, VIDEO! Zvezda – Barcelona (28:31), the white-and-reds increased the level of the match and returned to the match! Lloyd on the floor



19. minutes – 28:31 – Lloyd hits from the float.

18 minutes – 26:31 – Troika Davidovac, time dead Jasekivicius.

17. minutes – 23:28 – Lloyd’s first points in 2021.

17. minutes – 21:28 – Barça interrupt Zvezda’s series from the penalty spot. Dead time Radonić.

16. minutes – 21:26 – Work from the penalty spot over and over again, Zvezda returns to the match.

16. minutes – 19:26 – The first points of Obrajanta, both from the penalty spot.

15. minutes – 17:26 – After Calates points from the penalty spot, Walden’s triple on the other side.

12 minutes – 14:24 – A trio of Abrines, their first basket of the match.

12 minutes – 14:21 – Kuridza from the penalty spot narrows the gap and, after the jump to Noka’s attack, Davidovac scores the first points of the match. Dead time in Barcelona.

Estrella, Barcelona
photo: Starsport


10 minutes – 11:21 – Dobrić’s second three in the game.

10 minutes – 8:21 – Westerman took a free kick, and Noko came into the game.

9. minutes – 8:20 – Schmitz is right again, his 5 points in the game.

8 minutes – 8:18 – Throws his first points in the game from the penalty spot.

8. minutes – 6:18– Trio Schmitz after new points from Orihuela.

7. minutes – 6:14 – Lloyd interrupts his team’s series of errors with a triple.

5 minutes – 3:14 – New Oriole points, this time with a foul and a nail.

4. minutes – 3: 9 – Higgins again, his 4 points in the game.

3. minutes – 3: 7 – Then Kalates scores the first points of the match.

3. minutes – 3: 5 – Ognjen Dobrić scores the first basket of the match.

3. minutes – 0: 5 – Mirotic increases his team’s lead from the penalty spot.

2. minutes – 0: 4 – After Zvezda did not use two attacks, Higgins hits the other side.

1. minutes – 0: 2 – Orihuela scores the first basket of the match.

Estrella, Barcelona
photo: Starsport

Before the match started, Nikola Mirotic received a plaque of thanks from Marko Keselj for his humanitarian work.

Red Star coach Dejan Radonjic said that Barcelona is the toughest opponent possible and that their basketball players will have a demanding match.

“Barcelona is the toughest rival possible at the moment. They play very well, they have an enormous quality. It is clear that an extremely extremely physically demanding match awaits us in which we must respond with a lot of energy to the athletics that Barcelona has. They also need the maximum concentration to respond to quality matches that Barcelona has been showing all season, “Radonjić told the club’s website.

Zvezda will play against Barcelona in the 21st round of the Euroleague on Friday at 7pm in the “Aleksandar Nikolić” hall.

Red and white basketball player Dejan Davidovac stated that his team will face a great temptation.

“Barcelona is an exceptional rival, one of the candidates for the top classification, and it plays very well this season. The vision of the list and the position on the table speak for themselves. It is an extremely strong physically strong team, which has great quality, led by very experienced players and we will have to play with exceptional energy and concentration, ”said Davidovac.

The star has achieved seven victories in the Euroleague so far, while Barcelona has obtained a result of 14/6.

Barcelona beat Zvezda 78:65 in the first match of the two clubs this season in the Euroleague.

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