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Magic Nights in the NBA: Lebron James scored 44 points on the fifth place in the Eternal List of Shooters! (VIDEO) | Telegraph

The Lakers basketball player Vill Chamblin has now recorded the Michael Jordan record

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LA Lakers reached the seventh victory in the season with six defeats, and Lebron James beat them over Portland (126: 117) with 44 points 10 rebounds and 9 assists, while Javal McGee brought 20. Portland was great by Jusuf Nurkić with 21 points and 14 rebounds.

Otherwise, Lebron James with 44 points on this match passed legendary Vill Chamblin on the list of EBA's best NBA shooter. He is 5th with 31,420 points and now he needs 872 points to beat Michael Jordan in fourth place, which he can do this season.

Dallas's basketball team defeated Yutah at 118: 68 in the NBA's league, leaving all basketball fans in a miracle. How is it possible that at that level, where each team has an extremely large budget and the possibility that a player wants to lose with 50 points. As if they played juniors from college against the NBA star.

Doncic was again good at Dallas in Dallas with 13 points 6 rebounds and 2 assists, with Harrison Barnes with 19 points and JJ Jai Bara with 14 points. With Jutka Ricky Rubio scored 11 and Donovan Mitchell 10 points.

Other results:

Philadelphia – Orlando 106: 111

Cleveland – Washington 95: 119

Chicago – Boston 82: 111

Miami – Brooklyn 120: 107

Detroit – Toronto 106: 104

Memphis – Milwaukee 116: 113

New Orleans – Minnesota 100: 107

New York – Oklahoma 103: 128

San Antonio – Phoenix 96: 116

Portland – LA Lakers 117: 126


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