Thursday , August 11 2022

Messenger response Swipe to messages, new Messenger application, Messenger returns to Facebook


Then it was announced that he would Messenger to return to the Facebook application, we have another nice news for this application. The answer recently announced for messages in chat rooms is now available in Serbia.

When you want to answer someone in your message within a company (with one or more people), just press the message that you want to answer, drag it to the left, "Exchange"And this message will be cited. The answer will be displayed along with the appointment of the message you respond and, if you have made an error in one of the messages or have changed your opinion, click" x "to reject the appointment i respond to it

Read this: finally, the application is less: Messenger!

This is an excellent way to accurately answer a specific message without disturbing the other participants or accentuating a specific message to avoid any misunderstanding. This way it is possible to answer that is. highlight a message sent by the user or someone else.

Update Messenger on your iOS or Android device and start using the new way to respond to messages.

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