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Mozilla will announce a Firefox for Android updated in the fall


Mozilla has released Firefox Preview, the company's next-generation mobile browser for Android. The new version of preview is available, but it is not yet ready for a stable version, which is expected this fall. Firefox for Android will mark one of the biggest updates that the browser has had and will promise to be much faster than previous versions.

With Firefox Preview, Mozilla offers the GeckoView engine, which makes Mozilla's performance different from the Brave and Chrome browsers. According to Mozilla tests, Firefox Preview is up to twice as fast as previous versions of Firefox for Android.

In addition to improving the speed, Firefox Preview has a new minimalist home screen and a lower navigation bar. On large screens, this bar is useful for navigating elsewhere.

Mozzila also notes that this version of the browser comes with default tracking protection enabled, which means that this will also affect acceleration during operation.

Finally, there are collections options that can be accessed from the Firefox Preview screen and allows you to store, organize and share collections of sites. This facilitates the return of sites later to mobile devices later.

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