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NBA: Jokic is not in the story, the main theme of Durant and Green Cup basketball

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November 14, 2018 17:11 |

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We did not play well, they guessed, "said Nicholas after defeating Houston. We are trying to keep up, the season is long – Kevin is clear

Nikola Jokić had another good game, he was close to the triple limit, but failed to break off the failed Denver series that came to Houston in relation to the fourth episode. Unfortunately, Nagets, the most usable player of the last season, James Harden scored 19 points in the second half, 11 of which, when the match broke through, "triggered" Houston's "missiles" to triumphs that raised the question of Denver's problems in the last races .

"I really do not know the answer to that question," said Nikola Jokic after the match, supported by the biggest pressure for the last four losses.

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Nobody was convinced. On the contrary, Denver was a good part of everyone in the game to win, but in any case lost. Against Houston he started to fall into the third part …

– We did not play well, and they got a lot of speculation – he was not in the mood for Nikon's story, to which the US media asked the question of not so impressive shooting from the game 14-6. – I'll go every time it's possible.

And while there was concern in Denver's wardrobe, the rival had a completely different mood, not only because of the victory, but also because Houston, after the hard start and short-term illness of James Harden, increasingly resembled a team that wanted to go to the very end of the fight for the title of the NBA.

– I used the opponent's defense. I believed the guys, they were stroking at the right moments. I am pleased to play, "said Harden." We are aware of what is necessary to be at the level of the previous one, but if we continue with a great defense, the attack will be good. "When we connect it, we will again be terrible.

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At least for a while, while playing the game with Atlanta, there was a lull in Golden Stein, which barely ended with Atlanta. In the end, the champion won, but this triumph did not erase the dark image from the previous match against Klipers, when quarrels in the field, over time, good friends to a large extent, Dreimond Green and Kevin Durent continued in the locker room. At least for now, the thick edge is drawn by Greene, who played with Atlanta, if he watched at all, watched on a monitor outside the "Oracles Arena". However, this did not bother Durent that, in the absence of Stefan Kari, the leader of the Warrior would be victorious. Nevertheless, the journalist's questions are troubling him ….

– I'll save him in the house. What happened happened, it happened. We're trying to move on. At some point we will talk about everything. It's a long season, "said Durent, not wanting to talk about the absence of Greene." I'm focused on the game, but I do not care about other things.

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