Sunday , February 28 2021

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Mozilla is preparing to launch Firefox 65 by the end of January, which is in beta since December.

A stable version of Firefox 65 for Android began to appear a few days before. The last version of the browser will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Firefox 65 adds compatibility with the WebP image format, created by Google and should offer a better compression of PNG or JPEG, with the same image quality in files that are 25 to 34 for one hundred smaller ones. There is also a better support for the AV1 video codec, with a compression up to two times more efficient than H.264.

The Google Chrome browser already supports two formats, while Microsoft Edge supports WebP and has beta support for AV1 (via the browser's optional extension).

Other changes to Firefox 65 include Handoff on Mac (allows you to continue browsing with iPhones and iPhones that are locked on the Mac), simplified content blocking options, security enhancements for Linux users, Android and Mac and much more.

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