Saturday , September 25 2021

PALI FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM: Social media did not work in Serbia and around the world.

Favorite social media didn’t work worldwide during the night of April 8th.

Instagram i Facebook they fell again during April 8 worldwide.

Users in Serbia reported that they could not access their accounts, it was not possible to update the content of the applications and no other users’ posts appeared News feed-u.

It is currently unknown reason why this new problem arose, and that it exists, have been detected by sites around the world to monitor Internet activities.

Users trying to access the network via phone and computer received a Facebook message. “sorry, something went wrong“I”We are working to fix it as soon as we can”.

It was similar to the Instagram network, where the message appeared: “Wow, there was an error”. Users around the world, but also in our country, reported various issues and complained that they could not access their accounts.

Have you also had issues with these social networks?

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