Wednesday , May 12 2021

Pavkov was offered 500,000 euros this year, but clubs refused him: The manager revealed how much the star striker now costs! | Telegraph

The name of the Red Star champion Milan Pavkov is also mentioned in Swedish today! But not so much for the two goals he gave to Liverpool, because of the "failure" of Geteburg to bring him to half a million euros.

The "Express" portal brings a story with Dario Slomic, who works with a widespread attacker, who revealed what happened this year:

We offered him this year in Gothenburg and other Swedish clubs. The transfer costs would amount to a maximum of five million crowns (that's close to 500,000 euros). However, it seems to me that they are not sure about its quality. Instead of the money, Pavkov's market value is now 4.5 million euros – said Slomic.

Slomic is an influential Croatian bandit who almost did not bring Sven Jorane Erikson to Hajduk and admitted that Pavkov was offered to Polish Leh.

Coach Geta Poe Asbagi spoke about the possibility of engaging an attacker.

Pavkov in front of his house in Begeč Photo: Nikola Tomić

His name was never presented to me, but judging by the price mentioned, it is probably at an early stage because it is too big for us Asbagi said.

To remind, Pavkov is connected with some clubs from Turkey during the summer. Even Cadiz offered 800,000 euros, he seems to have left, but still stayed in Marakana.

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