Sunday , May 16 2021

“PEOPLE, I’M SCANDED! I HAVE A CROWN!” Host Irina Vukotić went to test her order and then … “I hope to return soon”

Host Irina Vukotić posted on her Instagram profile today and revealed that she has a crown virus.

Irina Vukotic

Photo: Instagram

Irina Vukotic

That is, even though she had no symptoms, she had a crown test when a friend told her she was infected.

– Dear people, be careful. Today I discovered that he had a crown, although he had no symptoms. I was only tested because my friend told me I was infected and because by nature I am responsible and I don’t leave things to chance, I did a test and was surprised. So I’m one of those asymptomatic people mentioned by doctors. I hope it continues like this and that I will soon be like new – wrote host Pink on her Instagram profile.

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