Friday , February 26 2021

Politika Online: A new model of Kragujevac should not be expected

KRAGUJEVAC – After the merger of Fiat and Peugeot with the new company Stelantis, we should not expect a new model of the plant of the “Fiat Chrysler car from Serbia” in Kragujevac, said today in Tanjug the president of the union “Independence” of this company, Zoran Stanic.

“I don’t think many people understand what this merger means. Fiat is still Fiat, Peugeot is still Peugeot. The advantage of this merger is that the two companies will exchange technologies and knowledge and achieve savings of five billion euros in research, which means a lot of money, ”said Stanic.

He announced that citizens who already own cars of these two brands will benefit from this integration.

“The advantage for users who own Fiat vehicles will be that they will be able to repair them at Peugeot’s services and vice versa.” One should not expect a Peugeot model to be made in Kragujevac, because that would mean a complete change of production lines, ”he said.

Stanic said there was no official announcement that Fiat in Kragujevac could soon begin production of its new “Fiat Giardino” model, as speculated in the media.

“We don’t have these ads, but I saw in the Italian press that a restyled 500L is expected to be made next year, which means there will be no major changes in production,” Stanic said.

He could not specify when this model could go off the line, stressing that Fiat is a large company conducting market research before making a decision on production changes.

Regarding the production announcements of the hybrid version of the Fiat 500L model, Stanić does not expect any special financial effect.

“I am convinced that this vehicle will not increase sales of the 500L model because it is too expensive. Unofficially, these cars would be 5,000 euros more expensive than the standard models. It can be done with a little help from the state and give us a little of breath to live a little, but I don’t expect there to be a large production of these hybrids, ”Stanić said.

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